Always been producers of Plexiglass shapes dedicated to lighting, today these can be re-proposed by adapting them to modern technologies, such as low voltage lamps or LEDs, giving space to creativity with colorful models with a modern or old style design.

Lamp components

Part of the lighting fixture, the Plexiglass component is the added value, obtained with the collaboration of architects and design, then moving on to mass production.


We intend as suspensions for lighting, those components made of Plexiglass manufactured by us that are completed with latches or exposed cables, chains or rods in order to hang from the ceiling.

Ceiling lights

Very simply the ceiling lights are those lighting fixtures that are applied directly to ceiling: we have always produced the element in Plexiglass.

The appliqués

Who has never seen an applique ............ as well as a furnishing component is an interesting source of light, we are available to architects and design for the production of the component in Plexiglass.

Table and floor lamps

Alternative articles for lighting, they create a nice furnishing space, improving the light. We are specialists in creating Plexiglass components to complete the lamps.

Technical articles

They are components that integrate constructively lamps, such as brackets, mechanical supports, rod tubes and everything you need to make a beautiful and functional lamp.