Fratelli Brumana, using the artisan expertise of its qualified technicians, can realize many types of processing of plastic materials, from curvature to incisions, from sandblasting to chiselled ice effect, from the realization of high-tech components for lighting, to the stairs of back-lit furniture with LEDs.

These and other processes are technically possible thanks to significant investments in production facilities.

Another strong point is the production flexibility that comes from the constant collaboration with a network of reliable partners, selected in half a century of activity, also for some particular niche jobs.

Our production technologies include numerical control machines, laser cutting machines, sophisticated desk glue system, and certified UVA rays.


Oven for heating and hydraulic presses

  • Free blowing to form hemispheres, spherical shells or shapes with a defined perimeter and forming a development coming back from a jointed spherical shape
  • Positive mold drawing to form defined shapes: profiles, cones, truncated cones or other shapes on demand.
  • Suction and / or blowing with negative shapes to form defined profile shapes, components to be coupled to other shapes where you can get an undercut.
The modeling molding is used for the hand shaping of shapes with profiles defined by a mold (normally in wood, resin or possibly in positive / negative sheet) in order to realize marine windshields, circular or truncated cone sectors.

Using the method of hot bending, it is possible to bend physically any plastic material.

Our bending machines are formed by a quartz irradiator and are provided by water coolers. The distance adjusting allows to dimension exactly the width of the area to be heated, limiting the heating only to the zone affected by the bending.

A precision machine tool allows to cut large plastics with high precision, up to 2000 x 3000 mm, with thicknesses up to 60 mm.

The cut of the tubes can be accomplished with a single operation up to 120 mm.

A complex machine center allows full completed machining cycles, from the simplest to the precision cutting, discs with holes, slots with dimensions up to 1500 mm, shapes on demand up to a size of 1500 x 3000 mm.

The center works with dxf or dwg Autocad files.

A 2030x1220mm worktop that allows you to cut with a polished edge and optimize Plexiglass sheets up to a maximum thickness of 30mm.

The computerized center imports Autocad files in dxf and dwg format.

The operations of quality gluing are crucial for a good structural strength and to maintain transparency effects of the assembled plastic materials.

The gluing system is certified as is every used glue; consequently the products glued with this system are certified.

The UVA gluing desk has a timer and vacuum cleaner of glue fumes.